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Roman Morales City Launch Odd

This is a special day for me. A surreal moment in a crazy trip that led my team and myself to the moment of this drop. Without “Dazed and Confused” I wouldn’t be where I am, living in a place called Austin – a mix of southern gun culture and northwest liberalism. A city that pays complete respect to the tradition of relinquishing tradition to the call of one’s own destiny. It feels like a deep thing to write. In reality, it’s just a clever way of saying that sometimes when you are looking for comfort in the rights of initiation and acceptance you find who you truly are and what you are willing to tolerate and/or celebrate. This was the journey of Randal “Pink” Floyd and Mitch Kramer. It was the possibility of this scenario that lead me to Austin in the first place. That is the journey that led to what we call “Odd City”. A celebration of Austin. 

As for the print release, officially there have been 3 of these things. The, again, surreal screening at Marchesa Hall of “Dazed and Confused” with the cast. The San Francisco party that Chuck Sperry held. Chuck’s own online drop – and now comes this. The launch of the company with the film that brought me to Odd City. 

To explain how this drop will go, will be to explain what Odd City means to us: An exploration of art as an important and treasured commodity. To this end we will be dedicating 100% of all net proceeds of this print release to the Austin Film Society – a non-profit organization, founded by Richard Linklater and friends, years before “Dazed and Confused” ever passed through a single piece of celluloid. Secondly, every print will be shipped to you flat hoping to insure that not only is your print better protected, but that it will be treated with the respect that any great work of art should be treated. Not just something to be rolled and tossed in a tube only to be flattened later. Those days are done. 

About the drop itself: There will be 2 prints. A regular and a variant. The Regular will be $65. The Variant will be $135. The shipping cost will be $15 for one print and $18 if you manage to score both a regular and a variant. We will only allow one of each per customer.

The print drop will be at a random time between 1pm and 2pm CST. We do not have many left, so good luck and just keep L-I-V-I-N.

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