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Roman Morales Amityville Dark Flourescent Glow Horror Nate

Lots of fun and excitement on our side today. I love drop days!

With that being said, I wanted to give everyone a few quick notes on today’s Amityville Horror drop to help ease the process.

First of all, for this go around we will be using the same payment method along with a new one. If it works well, and people like it, we will keep it. That new method being, Pay by Amazon. In other words, if you want to go to our site,, just before the drop and click “Sign In”, it will give you the opportunity to login using your Amazon account. Everything will have an Amazon-like look and feel throughout the purchasing process. This ought to save you some steps that many had issue with on the last sale.

 Also, we wanted to emphasize that both the regular and the variant have a glow in the dark layer! We have always felt that customers have been short changed when they pay a good amount of coin on a regular and they can’t enjoy the cool little nuances from the variant. So, in this case we have 2 metallics (4 metallics if you count the transparent layers) and a GID on each print! We will try to keep some consistency to this, but I am sure along the way there will be exceptions.

 One of the other features we wanted to offer for this drop that we are not going to be able to make happen is international shipping. This is something we do plan to have in place for a major late June/early July release. Until then, we deal strictly in the US.

One other small issue that does seem to pop up that we should make you aware of is if you are using Safari or iOS our product is showing as “Out of Stock” on the store. This is simply not the case considering that, obviously, we have yet to put these up for sale. Once they go live, it will say “Available” and then revert back to “Out of Stock” if and/or when we sell out. Also, keep in mind that if you keep trying to add an item to a cart and your cart still says “0 Items” in cart, we have probably already sold out. You can keep trying, as there may be a very short split second catch up that the system needs to do, but 99% of the time, the item will be sold out.

Another question we get asked all the time is , “Why no PayPal?” The reason is actually pretty simple – we wanted to go with an online service that had the fastest servers possible and they do not offer PayPal integration at this point. We will continue to advocate for it, but right now we are truly concentrating on speed and maximum bandwidth for these drops. You guys are already hitting our servers like a mofo and, we love it!

I hope this helps everyone. We truly had a great time creating this print with NE and the people at D&L. We will be posting detail shots as soon as we get them. Until then, good luck today!


"The Amityville Horror" Regular by NE


"The Amityville Horror" by NE Variant

"THE AMITYVILLE HORROR" Glow in the Dark layers - on both Regular and Variant



Roman Morales

Odd City CEO

Photos by Billy Garrett

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