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Roman Morales City GABZ Guillermo del Toro Kaiju Limited Edition Metal Odd Odd City Pacific Pacific Rim Rim Screenprint Shipping

Hey Everyone!

The Gabz Metals are here and we are getting them ready to go!

Thanks so much for your patience with us. We have a very high quality standard over here and we worked closely with our printer to ensure that we were sending out the absolute best metal print that we possibly could. We know it was a long and arduous wait but, the print is amazing. I mean, it kind of blew us away when we got our first in-person look at them.

Lots of “oohs” and “aahs” were heard across the land we call Odd City HQ.

Our Pacific Rim series was more successful than we had anticipated, and rightly so. The art is really exceptional and we are incredibly lucky to be working with such great artists. We also want to thank our supporters for being so patient with us. We grew very fast and have learned so much about being efficient in our shipping processes (we are still working on our office organization, but it’s coming along).

Your friends at Odd City

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