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Odd City is committed to the highest quality limited edition screenprints. We take pride in our artists and our products to make sure it is a fantastic looking piece. Rather than selling a print a week , a month or even a year, we will not release a product till it has met our high standards of design, technique and theme. Stay tuned as we add selected treats that we may run across in our flat files from time to time. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Featured Print: PACIFIC RIM (Variant) by James Fosdike 7/15/2013 - 36"x24" (Numbered)

Printed by: D&L Screenprinting
Run Size: 75
Variant Details: 6 Colors
Paper: French Madero Beach 100 lbs.
Price: $65

“Put a giant monster in a film and I’m there. Put a giant robot in a film and I’m there. Put them together and you’ve made me a child again. I’m so excited about this film and I am absolutely thrilled to have had the opportunity to draw a poster for it. When I saw the trailer, the image of the young girl on a deserted street watching the jets fly over really struck a chord in me. I was reminded of the films, cartoons and comics that I read and loved as a child. I wanted to know what caused that street to be deserted, what the girl was in awe of, and where the jets were going. Lucky for me I was able to find out, and to create my impression of what was in store!” - James Fosdike

Detail photos by Billy Garrett