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CARRIE – DEAHL – 09/18/2013

Odd City

CARRIE – DEAHL – 09/18/2013


Release Date: 09/18/2013
Artist: Jessica Deahl
Title: Carrie
Size: 16×24
Printed by: Burlesque of North America
Signed and Numbered

Run Size: 150
Details: 6 Colors
Paper: Butcher Off-White
Price: $40

“When Odd City asked me to take on Carrie, I couldn’t have been more excited. Now an iconic horror film more than 30 years old, the themes of fear, isolation, and estrangement are still relatable. I wanted to portray the story of Carrie White as a triumph. She overcomes the horrific and inhumane treatment of her peers and unjust religious control of her mother to win back her life. She was a prisoner in her own home, and her rage destroys it.” - Jessica Deahl

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