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PACIFIC RIM “DRIFT” (Variant) – NE – 07/09/2013

Odd City

PACIFIC RIM “DRIFT” (Variant) – NE – 07/09/2013


Release Date: 07/09/2013
Artist: NE
Title: Pacific Rim (Drift)
Size: 18×24
Printed by: New Flesh
Signed and Numbered


Run Size: 75
Variant Details: 6 Colors w/ 4 Metallic Inks
Paper: French Whitewash Cover 100 lbs.
Price: $65

“Working with NE is always interesting. Sure, it all starts with a conversation, then he sends us a JPEG and he hates it. Not because it isn’t good, but because since most of the time he does his own printing, he tends to play around with colors in the process. This time was no different. We get a flat JPEG as a submission and later we get these incredible prints that are only reminiscent of the JPEG’s that came before it. He mixes all of his own inks, so there is no real standard as to what he does. If his metallics are not “metallicy” enough, he hits it again… and then again. He keeps on going till he gets it right. Many times it seems that some artists treat the printing process as an exact science, which can be very cool and easily reproducible to the original image. Not so much for NE. He is more like an alchemist. He keeps playing with paint and paper until he comes up with the exact formula that creates artistic gold. This Pacific Rim piece was no different.” - Roman - Odd City/CEO

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