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THE AMITYVILLE HORROR (Variant) – NE – 04/23/2013

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THE AMITYVILLE HORROR (Variant) – NE – 04/23/2013


Release Date: 04/23/2013
Artist: NE
Title: The Amityville Horror
Size: 24×36
Printed by: DL Screenprinting
Signed and Numbered
Regular / Variant
Run Size: 25
Variant Paper: French Whip Cream 140 lbs. (Due to the thickness of the paper this has to ship flat)
Details: 8 Colors w/ 2 Metallics Inks and Glow Layer
Price: $100

“When I was asked to do a poster for Amityville Horror, I was somewhat hesitant. I know the obvious and even traditional way of depicting these movies has always been to predominately show the house as a living thing with glowing windows for eyes glaring back at the audience in a not-so-subtle way. I chose to approach the Dutch Colonial house in a more ambiguous way to show what had brought the Lutz family to live there in the first place. I wanted to show that the perceived promise of the American dream outweighed the ominous presence of the structure. To show this, I chose to depict that house as beautiful, an ideal, yet possessing and off-kilter quality. The font for the title reinforced this strange nature by recalling the European posters of the 60′s and the 70′s. Finally, the choice to make it literally a house on a hill was deliberate. After all, that is the view of it from the boat house.” - NE

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