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THE USUAL SUSPECTS (Variant) – FERGUSON – 11/20/2013

Odd City

THE USUAL SUSPECTS (Variant) – FERGUSON – 11/20/2013


Online Release Date: 11/20/2013
Artist: Matt Ferguson
Title: The Usual Suspects
Size: 36″x12″
Printed by: Industry Screen Printing
Run Size: 25
Regular: 7 Colors with 2 Metallics
Price: $70

From the beginning of the concept the design was very much a collaborative effort. I am used to working by myself so it was really cool to bounce off someone else and use their feedback to create something special. With this particular poster I really pushed myself in terms of the level of detail I would normally put into a screen print. I used some interesting techniques, especially within the fire elements to make it come alive. My hope is that people like it as much as I enjoyed making it!" - Matt Ferguson

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